Oct 5, 2008

More about Google CSI-s

As 10 years old Google is by far dominant from SEO persective g search engine and search authority, its very important to use it right, tuning SEO. Usually I take 3 search engines in account (also Yahoo and MSN/Live), but this post is all about the most important.

Usually I measure 3 critical success indicators (CSI-s) in the order of importance:

  • GBL - Google Backlinks link:http://www.mysite.com
  • GIP - Google indexed pages site://www.mysite.com
  • GSR - Google search results, total number, just type "www.mysite.com" to Google

They all give some idea, how good Your site is doing and how wide-spread and known it is. 

GBL is by far most desirable index and very hard to get as Google is very sensitive and has trained nose to spam. When MSN/Live and Yahoo index backlinks coming from blog comments and social network sites, again Googel is clearly ignoring all that "spam"-like linking attempts. True links from high-quality pages, using relevalt keyword-rich anchor text are counted. Therefore Google gives much less backlinks using "link:" parameter, than other major search engines. Last 
GIP in general is giving some idea, how massive the site is and is it all indexed by Google. In general, bigger sites are getting better results ang higher PR's.

GSR is just a nice number, how many occurencies of Your site Google finds in the world. But GSR in nothing more than for ego tripping. Here You see all blog spam etc, what is not accepted as backlink. 

Strategic numbers for my Dell websop website are: 126 - 5 450 - 11 100
Same strategic numbers for www.galerii24.ee are: 69 - 10 800 - 55 800 

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