Oct 2, 2008

How to get correct number of MSN/Live backlinks?

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This MBL is not going to be easy. No tools are showing correct reesults. Usually 0 or 1. Live query link:shop.it.ee, link:http://shop.it.ee or link:it.ee replies zero result, what is not true. Undocumented linkdomain query doesnt work either. Only way is to sign account in Live Search Webmaster Center (image above).

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Click Backlinks tab. Exclude links coming in from Your domain: "Filter backlinks by top-level domain, subdomain or subfolder" . And voilà! I got 226 baclinks. Problem is, that it's not possible to benchmark them against Your competitors, as far You are not able to hack into their Webmaster Center. So, good to record for own knowledge and keep eye on the trend, but thats ptetty much all the joy.


Cloder said...

cool stuff, thanks!

Jamsrock said...

Your blog is very informative and helpful .. thanks…..keep it up.
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