Oct 7, 2008

SEOmoz Linkscape or Google PageRank?

SEOmoz introduces their new metrix -- Linkscape MOZrank. Its actually very similar to Google PR. Methodology is similar and both Linscape MOZrank and Google PR are 0-10. Both tools emphasize on incoming link quality.

When Google PR is integer number and every change in PR is huge thing, Linkscape MOZrank has also 1/100-s, 2 digits after the comma. Its easier to see change in the right or wrong direction. Linkscape is still in the Beta, buts seems to function pretty well.

Its very useful also to see their educational videos about the Links :)


Mohammad said...

which one is more important? PR or mozrank

طراحی سایت و بهینه سازی وب سایت وب آرت

Anthony B said...

How important is it