Oct 19, 2008

Tip of the day

Tip of the day is about anchor text in blog comments. As we know, blogs are one way to get free backlinks. My tip is about the blogs, what have at least 4 fields: Name, website, e-mail adress and comment. In these cases Your name will be linkable to website provided. My tip is:
Instead of Your name, use Name + relevant keyword

For example:
Name: Jack SEO consultant
E-mail: jaak_ennuste@hotmail.com
Comment: Asdf asdf asdf ...

So, in the comments Name field is anchor-text linked to promoted website. When search engines find SEO and consulting in the anchor text, they may think that Your SEO blog (promoted website) has valued SEO content.

Always use value-added comment with Your original view, giving new information to readers. In most cases its usless to spam website into comment text, as its not linkable. Even, if its linkable, it's still only URL, what is not highly valued by search engines. Only in very few blogs comments may contain links with anchor.


Please notice, that this blog uses nofolliw argument and my ancor text actually doesnt work, despite of nice anchor-text link created.

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