Oct 13, 2008

Google, link directories and DMOZ

We know, that Google hates all kind of web directories. We heard lately, that there is even high quality, but paid Yahoo Directory, U$ 299 per year and DMOZ ODP, are not recommended anymore by Google. Still there is ONE exeption Google admits, it uses data from DMOZ Open Directory Project.

For some reason this PR8 directory, edited by 80 thousand editors, containing over 4,6 million sites, is apprised by Google. Actually, Google directory mirrors the one. The Open Directory Project is the largest human edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by global community of volunteer editors. Google uses DMOZ data in addition to sites metadata. 

Getting listed in DMOZ is almost impossible. You may have high-quality, information-rich site, still it's not listed in years. There is lot's of speculations about corrupted editors. In general, webmaters are quite frustrated about the situation. 

My recommendation for DMOZ is:
  • take a minute and choose right topic
  • write really good description, no typos
  • submit it
  • forget it, don't resubmit it, editors don't like recurring submissions 
  • look after year, two, three -- may-be You are lucky
  • don't get angry being not listed, no big deal.
My personal opinion is, that DMOZ is not so important. Why?
  • It provides just a juice-less link, homepage has PR8, but directory content pages have much lower PR's, in some cases they are even not ranked, like http://www.dmoz.org/Computers/Hardware/Systems/Workstations/ ;
  • If Your website has full set of meta-data, Google has no need to fetch more info from DMOZ;
  • Very few people really uses Directories as start page to find so general information, most use search.
So, feel free to submit, it's Google friendly, but don't expect to be listed there at all...

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