Sep 26, 2008

GBL = Google BackLinks

Number of Google backlinks is the most important factor, rising Your web page PR and visibility. It is important to maximise GBL number. Still, You have to keep in mind following:

- Backlinks from high PR (more than PR3) sites are valued
- Linking should be done via relevalt, keyword anchor text, eg
but Good SEO service site  
- No links from paid directories and link farms (with some exeptions, explained later...)

How to measure?
There are at least four ways:

1. Type in to Google and find the number of pages found - this is the number of GBL;

2. Use some SEO website, what gives You information about link popularity. Usually You get also backlink numbers from other search engines, like MSN Live and Yahoo. In some sites You can compare Your link popularity with other (competitor) site popularity.
Some examples:
SEO Centro (pretty good one!)

3. Download SEO software. Some examples:

4. Set up account in Google Webmaster Tools

It is very important to GBL number up. How -- in future posts.


red1 said...

Hi my name is Paul Sanderson an in feb this year I started this its a digg style site but dedicated to web design and development

But I need your help....

I need links to web design and development, site , articles links...... anything you think of.... also voting no topics that you think are relative and like would also be a great help.

Please are you able to help me make this into a great resource for developers and designers.

You are more than welcome to promote your own sites, projects, comments and all... at the moment the posts go straight to the font page to it is good exposer and at least some sweet backlinks

A mention or two about wscoop in you blog would do wonders too.



arisnb said...

Thanks for your info ...

Backlink ToolBox Creator said...

This is good ifo. Thankx

Jona said...

thanks for sharing the information :D

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

It is important to maximise GBL number. Still, You have to keep in mind following: High Quality Niche Backlinks